Did not have to wait a lot for the Kögel Telematics mobile app what is free to download for customers. The telematic service has been introduced at the 2016 IAA commercial vehicle exhibition what is now completed with a mobile application.

Real time data by Kögel Telematics

Kögel Telematics has been introduced just a bit more than half year ago but already a lot of satisfied customers use this telematic system what was created to Kögel semi-trailers. The reliable service offers real time data about the electronic brake system (EBS), tracks the semi-trailer, reports about the cooling system, observes the tire conditions and makes all these data available on the transparent Kögel website where customer can also have a look at the analysis. Users can also give geographical limits to the system what will send an alert if the limits are exceeded. Kögel Telematics is consisted of two parts, the Kögel Trailer Telematics module and the Kögel Telematics website. The mobile application has just joined this service system.

The actual condition of the semi-trailer is available on mobile and certain parameters can be set as well

Thanks to the new application all these functions, data and informations are already available for customers via iPhone or iPad so in case of immediate check up there is no need for PC. The application is free to download from App Store. According to plan the Android version is coming soon as well.

Kögel telematika PDF

The informations are grouped into 4 big categories just like on the website. In „PosControl” menu there are data about the location of the vehicle and the driving time. Under „EBSControl” there are informations about the electronic brake system, mileage, speed, axle load, tyre pressure and the depreciation of the brakes. In „TrailerControl” menu there are informations about interconnectedness with the tractor, condition of the battery and whether the semi-trailer’s door is open. With the help of „TempControl” we cannot just check, but set the temperature of the refrigerated trailer, the system continuously observes and records the cooling chain and also gives information about the operation and the service interval. The system is also able to measure the temperature of the asphalt carried in tipper trailer.

Kögel Telematics is compatible with all the trailers within the manufacturer’s product portfolio. The price and the equipment may vary according to the version of the trailer. Since the module can be installed afterwards as well, owners can order the service to their already existing fleet.

Download Kögel Telematics App from AppStore!

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